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Condo Buyers Guide

“What do I actually own when I buy a condo in a high-rise building?” You own your unit, the exclusive use of your balcony (if applicable) and a percentage of the building’s common areas calculated according to your square footage. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2nlxA5E ...

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Condo Bike Storage

Biking is supposed to be a convenient mode of transportation, but easily accessible bike storage in condos can be a rare find. Here are some helpful bike storage tips for you! http://blog.newinhomes.com/news/tips-for-owning-a-bike-in-a-condo/ ...

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Perfect Condo Balconies

If you have a small condo balcony, then you may be quick to disregard it as small and seemingly useless — but don’t give up just yet! We are here to show you that with the proper love and attention, your small balcony space can be transformed into a second ...

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