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Guide to Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting makes cooking meals easier and keeps your kitchen surfaces out of the shadows. These tips can help you add beautiful and practical under-cabinet track lighting to the kitchen, office, and other hardworking rooms. Shed light on dark nooks and crannies in your kitchen, office, and other rooms. Designed ...

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Room By Room Lighting Ideas

Instead of feeling dreary in the dark days of winter, feel bright and cheery in a home with the correct lighting. These days, the options for lighting seem endless, which can make the pursuit feel overwhelming. However, if you break it down into the three general types of lighting — ...

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Exterior Lighting

Night lighting is a relatively new phenomenon in society: only in the 20th century did readily available electricity “illuminate” our days past the usual 14-16 hours to ones that could last for 24. This newfound freedom sparked a massive cultural shift, but it also came with a dark side: light ...

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