9 Flaws to Ignore While House-Hunting

March 15, 2017

In the market for a house? You probably have a list of all the things you want — a big backyard, a farmhouse sink, hardwood floors — but ironically, that list might actually cause you to overlook your dream home.

“When people are house shopping, they have a picture of what the house needs to look like, but if everything doesn’t line up with that picture, it can cause them to walk away from a gem of a home,” says Michael Corbett, real estate expert for Trulia and author of Before You Buy!: The Homebuyer’s Handbook for Today’s Market.

Of course there are real deal breakers when house hunting — like mold, a cracked foundation, or unmanageable traffic on a busy street. “But on the other side, there are some things that house hunters have to challenge themselves to ignore,” says Corbett, “because a house with some questionable décor may actually be a diamond in the rough.”

So step away from your dream-home checklist, take this list of nine things everyone should ignore … and you may just find the perfect house for you.

9 flaws to ignore while house-hunting (link: http://stfi.re/pglzejo) stfi.re/pglzejo

9 so-called flaws to ignore while house-hunting