Conquer the clutter in your attic ! #declutter

January 19, 2017

If you don’t have an Attic, count yourself lucky.

It means you can simply make decisions about possessions and then trot on with your life.

“I think this can go to the Attic” A dangerous phrase if ever there was one.

Let’s be honest, it can often be translated as “I am choosing to delay my decision about whether this item adds true value to my life, in order to pacify a perceived belief that should I make the wrong decision, I will regret it. So I shall place it out of sight and therefore I create a win/win situation for myself”

But let me ask the question: Is it really a win/win situation?

There are rather a lot of items which fit into this category meaning that if the same logic is used, the space will inevitably get rather full…..

So why a problem? As long as everything squeezes up there?

But what’s the purpose of this space? To store lesser used items until needed?

Let’s unpick that further.